Twinkies make comeback in a big way


Sometimes, a company just gets it. Take the Hostess Twinkies comeback. If you are on social media of any kind – if you read the newspaper or watch TV or, don’t live under a rock you know the Twinkies “Sweetest Comeback Ever” story. And, whether you are a fan or not, you know the cream-filled snack is back on shelves this week.

The media campaign was bold and effective and successful and Hostess will reap the benefits. Mashable’s blog about the comeback shares all the sweet goodness in this post. Check it out, and remember that sometimes its worth the investment of doing things big.

NPJ is thankful for…

Last Thanksgiving I couldn’t have imagined having my own business, much less it being as successful as it has been. I have to admit that in the beginning, I was afraid of leaving my work as a full-time journalist and corporate public relations, but I am blessed, my business is blessed and I am so grateful.

Here is my top three list of people that NPJ is thankful for. If you have helped me in my business, I hope you know how much I truly appreciate you. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

  1. My husband, Sean Preyor-Johnson. He helps me in every way possible. From reassuring me to patiently waiting as I work late or weekend hours, helping me with last minute logistics for events or listening to the stuff I write–he is always there to help.
  2. My clients. I am thankful for those who have stayed with me from the beginning and those businesses that are new to my services and take a chance on me. There are lists of other respected freelance writers and public relations consultants and I work hard for and appreciate the continued business.
  3. Other businesses such as printing companies, photographers, graphic designers–all of those people who help me do my job better. They are often flexible and professional and so helpful. Thank you!

Facebook has one billion active users

Today’s reports confirmed what we all already know: Facebook is here to stay. Where else would one billion active users communicate? Facebook is engrained in the way we live our lives. We check Facebook to check in with family, share photos, advertise our businesses and more. Thousands can’t watch a Presidential Debate without sharing thoughts on Facebook. Here is some coverage about Facebook’s 1 billion active users:

I’m going to make this one brief…Back to posting for clients on Facebook. Are we friends?

Nancy M. Preyor-Johnson |