Who is watching you?

A few weeks ago, I was doing some last-minute shopping for a friend’s baby shower that I helped host. I went online to search for Winnie the Pooh decorations at Party City and saw some cute decorations, but decided against purchasing. Weeks later, I am still seeing the advertisements for those items. It seems that no matter where I am online and what I am doing, those ads are there.

I am more impressed than annoyed. As a marketing and public relations professional, I love how smart our technology is–and how easy it is to target and help prospective customers. I see it as a win-win for businesses and customers. In this recent Silicon Valley Business Journal article, a report found that Google and Facebook do most online tracking. Twitter was also mentioned. Here is a news release from Evidon about the study.

What do you think of online tracking? Does it give you more faith in advertising online? Does it annoy you as a consumer? Let me hear from you.

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