New “Remember When” Social Media Contest means City of San Antonio is hip, smart

The San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau should be commended for its hip new advertising campaign “Remember the…”

Unveiled earlier this week, the campaign gives a voice to locals, visitors and social media enthusiasts. The social media photo contest encourages people to post their favorite San Antonio photos on the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau Facebook page.

Photos could be included in a national advertising campaign; winners are chosen at random and can win a prize package vacation or staycation. More details in William Pack’s San Antonio Express-News story and KSAT News reporter Jesse Degollado’s story.

Finally, a major metropolitan city gets it. I’m proud to say I live and work in San Antonio and that I helped work on the media event materials for this campaign.

Social media is a part of most people’s lives. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is deep, and it’s not going anywhere. Businesses–cities included–should use social media for all of its audience-building goodness. Bravo, City of San Antonio! Now, to take those photos…

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