Businesses: when the media doesn’t want to tell your story, tell it yourself. Blogs, social media, websites and more.

Media isn’t responding? Tell your business’s story yourself! I once worked as a full-time newspaper journalist and the requests by marketers, public relations professionals and businesses were non-stop. Sometimes, I’d bite but other times either the story wasn’t timely or interesting or I simply didn’t have the time, nor the newspaper space to write it.

Getting coverage in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast on the radio or TV is the Holy Grail of public relations and it’s something we all aim for, but as business owners, you shouldn’t wait for that. And, you certainly shouldn’t give up if the media decides not to give you coverage.

Share your expertise, your brand, your information and conversations on your own platform. It’s your story, and it’s valuable so own it!  There are so many choices now: your website, your blog, someone else’s blog, your social media sites, advertisements, email marketing or all of the above. Choose the right platform and message and get your story out there.

Need help with choosing a platform or your message or getting it all done? Call 210-334-7598

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