Why Hayden Shaughnessy is right about Linked In

I just saw this really great blog on Linked In, “How to Empower Yourself on the New Linked In” . Specifically, I love how the writer Hayden Shaughnessy calls it “the new social world of business.” He’s right on all points.

Yet, I’ve heard many people say they aren’t on Linked In. I’ve met chief information officers, CEO’s and business owners who don’t have a Linked In page. This makes me sad.

Creating a Linked In page is easy and free and I believe it’s crucial in the business world. Why? These days, people hit Google to find out about you. They want to know what you’re all about and, they want answers quick. If you have a Linked In page, you’re in control of what they find. Linked In is usually found on the first page of hits.

For example, I wanted to know more about the blogger, Hayden. I did a quick Google and on the fifth link, found his Linked In page. He’s from Ireland. Who knew!?! He has more than 500 connections, he was educated at the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Here’s my Linked In page that I have to admit, is always a work in progress. I update it constantly, to a fault. But that sure beats not having a page, or not updating my page. I’ve introduced myself to people who tell me they have seen me on Linked In. Wonderful!

Do you need help creating your Linked In page or communicating via other communications platforms? I’d love to help. Email npjcommunications@gmail.com or Find me on Twitter @NPJConsulting

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